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We help decision makers to engage with startups and SMEs, no matter what kind of decision it may be. The rating reduces the risk of making a bad investment or business choice.

For Entrepreneurs

We offer companies an unbiased look at their strengths and weaknesses. The rating helps ventures to gain credibility and visibility with key players.

Business Cases

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Bird Office, rated 81/100, successfully closed its seed round with private investors, mainly Early Metrics clients.

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After Early Metrics rating of Entomo Farm, SNCF decided to form a joint venture with the startup and build tomorrows insect factory.

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Whilst executing a planned minority investment, Santander InnoVentures had its target rated by Early Metrics and then confirmed the operation.

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Before any procurement decisions are made with innovative providers, Renault uses Early Metrics to assess strengths and weaknesses of the ventures.

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